Need for the study recruitment and selection process

Need for the study:
This task work portrays to assess the recruitment programs that are directed at Religare Securities Ltd. The goals of the examination are as per the following.
•           Recruitment is the procedure which interfaces the employers with the representatives.
•           Vacancies because of Promotions, exchange, retirement, end, lasting inability, passing and work turnover.
•           Creation of new opening because of the development, extension, and expansion of business exercises of a venture. Likewise, the new opening is conceivable because of occupation detail.
•           To assess the recruitment administration programs.
•           To distinguish and propose measures for the change of the recruitment programs.
•           Increase the pool of occupation competitors at least cost.
•           Create an ability pool of contender to empower the selection of best possibility for the association.
•           Determine present and future necessities of the association in conjunction with its faculty arranging and occupation investigation exercises.

•           Meet the associations legitimate and social commitments with respect to the synthesis of its workforce.

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