Portfolio Management Objectives of the study

  • To analyze the performance of a selected portfolio 
  • To calculate returns & risk 
  • To correlate the performance of a selected portfolio. 
  • To analyses the daily price variation of both the fund & the factors responsible for that portfolio. 
  • To analyze the performance of growth funds of different companies

Need and objectives for the study Training & development

Objectives of the study: To study and understand the expectations of trainees & their opinions about the training programs To examine how for the employees need training programmes for their present jobs To know the effectiveness of training & development programs in the organization.

Need for the study
: Training & development is necessary to any organization that wants to be dynamic and growth-oriented and to succeed in the fast-changing competitive environment. As is well known, an organization is poised for the growth & dynamism only through ethe fficient effort of its human resources. Employee capabilities need to be constantly sharpened and effectively utilized.

Objectives of GST Impact on Hotel industry

Objectives of the GST Impact on Hotel industry
The study has been  towards achieving the following objectives:
1. To understand the uncertainties ahead of GST that impacted on the hotel industry.
2. To analyze effects on hotel sector share before and after GST implementation.
3. To study feedback of hotel sector in Hyderabad market before and after GST implementations.

4. To study the impact of GST in hotel sectors in view of hotel owners in Hyderabad.

Need for the study recruitment and selection process

Need for the study:
This task work portrays to assess the recruitment programs that are directed at Religare Securities Ltd. The goals of the examination are as per the following.
•           Recruitment is the procedure which interfaces the employers with the representatives.
•           Vacancies because of Promotions, exchange, retirement, end, lasting inability, passing and work turnover.
•           Creation of new opening because of the development, extension, and expansion of business exercises of a venture. Likewise, the new opening is conceivable because of occupation detail.
•           To assess the recruitment administration programs.
•           To distinguish and propose measures for the change of the recruitment programs.
•           Increase the pool of occupation competitors at least cost.
•           Create an ability pool of contender to empower the selection of best possibility for the association.
•           Determine present and future necessities of the association in conjunction with its faculty arranging and occupation investigation exercises.

•           Meet the associations legitimate and social commitments with respect to the synthesis of its workforce.

Scope of the study for Brexit to impact Indian IT


This study covers the Brexit to impact Indian IT in near-term herein, the study covers the calculation of correlations between the same securities in order to find Brexit Impact on IT companies the study includes the calculation of weights of individual IT securities involved in the industry. These percentages help in allocation the funds available for investments based on the risky portfolios. 

objectives of training and development project

  1.  To study the methods of training given to an employee for performance improvement. 
  2. To analyze employee perception towards training method. 
  3. To evaluate the degree of acceptance of Reward point system in the organization. 
  4. To examine the effectiveness of training system in the overall development of workforce performance. 

impact of NPA


1. To study the impact of NPA on the overall performance of selected banks public sector and private sector banks.

2. To evaluate the efficiency in managing NPA between the selected public sector and private sector banks.

3. To compare NPA controlling measures

4.To make suggestions for better NPA management in selected banks.
5. To know the role of RBI on NPA

Impact of Brexit in Indian IT Sector companies

Ø  To study the role of Brexit in Indian financial markets
Ø  To study the Brexit pattern and its related risks & returns in IT Sector companies.
Ø  To find out Impact Brexit, which gave minimize risk to the investor for investment in IT Sector.
Ø  To understand Brexit to impact Indian IT in near term.

Ø  To study the usefulness of efficient frontier technique in investment selection process after Brexit.

objectives on job scheduling in supply chain management

The following are the objectives of job scheduling in supply chain management

To find the present production scheduling and production processes in the company.
To analyze the scheduling strategies to avoid wastage of time between the departments and work centers to maintain uniform loading of all the machines in the production time.
To analyze the production scheduling factors like quality, speed,dependability flexibility and opearting cost.
To suggest to  the company  incease efficiency of production management by using scheduling strategies.

limitation of the study for project report


1)      Time is the main constraint in completing the study within the stipulated period allowed. It has become difficult to analyze all the documents in detail.
2)      The analysis is made on the basis of secondary data only.
3)      The availability of data is only pertaining to five years is one of the constraints.
4)      As there is more dependency on secondary data realistic conclusion may not be possible to be made.

5)      Even though no. of techniques are available for analyzing financial position only ratio analysis has been taken for the study.

Research methodology for project report


            Research methodology is a systematic procedure of collecting information in order to analyse and a interpret the data. The data can be collected from two principal sources viz.
1)      Primary data
2)      Secondary data


            It is the information collected directly without any reference. The data required for accomplishment of this project has been collected mainly by conducting interviews, with concerned officers and staff either individually (or) collectively and some of the information had been verified (or) supplemented conducting personal observation method.
             The secondary data is the data which is already available.
            It is obtained from Annual reports. Internal records, in-house magazines, journals, books and websites.

Ratio analysis project Objectives

A ratio is a normal in numerical representation of the relationship of one number to another. It may be defined as the indicated quotients of two mathematical expressions.
According to accountants hand book by wixon kell and Bedford
 a ratio is an expression of the quantitative relationship between two members.

According to kohler
a ratio is the relation of the amount a to another b expressed as the ratio of a to b; a:b( a is to b); or as a simple fraction. Integer decimal fraction (or) percentage. 

In simple language ratio is one number expressed in terms of another and can be worked out by dividing one number into the other.
the objectives of the study for Ratio analysis project Maruti Suzuki Ltd:-

The primary objective of the study is to know the financial position of Maruti Suzuki Ltd.

Other objectives include:

  • To study the general & overall profitability position of the Maruti Suzuki Ltd.
  • To know about the liquidity and long-term solvency position of Maruti Suzuki Ltd.
  • To draw the conclusions & provide the possible solutions.

objectives of the study for micro finance project

objectives of the study for the microfinance project

  1. To study the microfinance industry.
  2. To identify importance micro finance industry.
  3. To find the relative importance of microfinance industry for poverty.
  4. To get insight knowledge about microfinance industry.
  5. To identify the working procedure of the world& domestic microfinance industry practices.

Working capital Objectives


Working capital is the most generally utilized and intense procedure of budgetary investigation. 
The fundamental target of the present examination is to know the money related state of the organization.

Ø To know the general operational productively and execution of the hetero.
Ø To decipher the money related position of the organization of is suitable (or) not.
Ø To assess the long haul money related reasonability of organization .to know whether the administration is always worried about the overall productivity of the organization (or) not.
Ø To give solid budgetary data about monetary assets and commitment of a business endeavor.
Ø To give dependable money related data those include, it's in evaluating the capability of the endeavor.
Ø To unveil to the degree conceivable other data identified with the money related explanations clients.

Statement of problem commodity market

Statement of problem
Dealing in Commodity trading is a risky business. Thoughtful investment selections that meet investor goals and risk profile keep commodity market at an acceptable level. However, other risks are inherent to investing you have no control over.

Most of this commodity prices risk is predictable and require investors need to adjust portfolios using tools. Thoughtful investment selections that meet investor goals and risk profile keep individual gold and crude oil risks at an acceptable level.
Most of the people do not have the skills to analyze the securities using technical and fundamental analysis tools or properly guide from equity advisory firms. This project gives insight idea about the concept of commodity trading to forecast security price to maintain investment strategy for selected commodities

Other Titles

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