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Project Titles

Human Resource Management
1.         Role of HR Planning in Retention of Employees
2.       An Overview Of Hr Processes & Attrition Analysis
3.       Hr Policies And Its Implementation
4.       Hr Policies And Practices
5.       Study Of Recruitment Practices
6.       Competency Mapping
7.       Job Analysis
8.       Corporate alumni program
9.       Study Of Quality Of Work Life
10.     Employees Job Satisfaction
11.       Training & Development
12.     Employee Relationship and Benefit Administration
13.     Human Resource Development
14.     Performance Appraisal Systems
15.     Knowledge Management
16.     A Study On The Motivational Strategies
17.     Identification Of Training Needs Of Employees
18.     Stress Management of employees
19.     Recruiting & Selection
20.   Absenteeism
21.     Employee Safety & Measures
22.    Labor Welfare Measures
23.   Employee Welfare
24.    Compensation Management
25.   Employee-Engagement
26.   Industrial Relation Unions
27.    Employee grievance
28.   Leadership
29.   Work Life Balance
30.   Employee Relationship
31.     Organizational Climate
32.   Workers’ Participation
33.   Employer Branding
34.   Employee-Communication-Effectiveness
35.   Human Resource Information System
36.   A study on job satisfaction of employees in an organization
37.   Employees’ satisfaction towards their job in an organization
38.   Design and development of training information system
39.   A study on the safety and welfare measures provided to the employees at Essen Industries.
40.   A Study on the effectiveness of existing Performance Appraisal System in an Organization
41.     A study on effectiveness of training program in an organization
42.    A study on the effectiveness of performance appraisal in employees of selected company
43.   A study of  labor welfare measures in an organization
44.    A study on job satisfaction of employees in an organization
45.   Study on absenteeism of workmen in an organization

1.       A Study On Customer Relationship Management
2.       A Study On Customer Feedback
3.      A Study On Analysis Of The Customer Satisfaction Level Towards
4.       A Study On Dealers’ Attitude And Consumers’ Preference
5.      Marketing Techniques
6.      Advertisement Management
7.       A Study On The Consumer Perception Of Selected Cars In Particular Region
8.      Brand Awareness
9.      Alternative Channels Of Distribution
10.     Dealer Perception towards Selected Company
11.        Sales And Promotion
12.      Web Advertising And Marketing
13.     A Study On Customer Perception Towards Hero Honda Bike
14.      Comparison Between Samsung And Other Consumer Durable Brands
15.     Marketing Mix
16.     Online Advertisement Management
17.      Comparative Study On Brand Loyalty
18.     Impact of promotional activities on consumers behavior at retail outlets
19.     Customer buying behavior towards insurance products
20.     Impact of small car introduction on two wheeler industry
21.      Strategies of online advertising.
22.     Comparative analysis of Traditional marketing Vs Digital Marketing 


1.         A project report on rainfall index Indian market
2.       Comparative analysis of Gold exchange traded funds with Gold Bullion market
3.       A project report on International Crude oil prices with reference to Indian inflation rate
4.       Equity portfolio hedging using equity option for HNI Clients in Organization
5.       A project report on brexit effect on Indian Security market
6.       A project Report on Bond market Supporting of Infrastructure Company to reserve capital
7.       Performance comparison of  before and after brexit effect on Indian IT Companies
8.       Foreign Risk management strategies for small and medium companies in india
9.       Comparative Analysis on Private and Public Mutual Fund Schemes
10.     Report on Currency Derivatives
11.       Competitive Analysis of Trading in Religare Securities
12.     Performance of mutual funds and its Awareness among the patrons in the present Market
13.     Analytical Study of Trading Services
14.     Assets Management Company Ltd
15.     Customer Investment behavior on the basis of Age and Occupation
16.     Project Report on Mutual Funds
17.     Share Market & Financial System
18.     NFO Process in Mutual Funds
19.     Comparative Study of Major Stock Broking Companies
20.   A Comparative study of Debt Securities
21.     Comparative analysis of traditional investment strategies Vs Modern investment strategies
22.    Risk Management in Securities
23.   An Analysis of Market Potential for Mutual Funds among retail Investors
24.    Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
25.   Working with Demat Account
26.   Study of Market Potential for Opening of De-Mat Account and Trading Account
27.    Initial Public Offer & Analysis
28.   Investor Awareness of Mutual Fund and Its Scope
29.   A Study to Guide Investors in Online & Offline Trading in Equity Market
30.   Awareness  SEBI and Investor Protection
31.     A study of Investor Behavior at Religare Securities
32.   A Study on Investor’s Perception towards Online Trading
33.   Comparative study of  Religare with Other Broking Firms
34.   Perception of Potential Investors towards Stock Market Investment
35.   Various Investment Avenues
36.   Derivatives and Portfolio Hedging Using some Interest Rate Derivatives
37.   Project Report recent Listing of securities
38.   A Study on the Indian Commodity Market
39.   Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Selected Securities
40.   Currency options using for risk management in forex investment
41.     Futures and  Options
42.    Capital Market Reforms
43.   Analysis of Various Investment Products of PMS and Mutual Funds
44.    A Study on the Customer Perception of Online Trading
45.   Working of Stock Exchanges in India – A comparative study of NSE and BSE
46.   Working of NSE and Exchanges
47.    Risk Management in Derivatives
48.   Option Strategies in National stock exchange
49.   Derivatives Technical Analysis of Individual Stock Futures
50.   Comparative analysis of ETF’s and Benchmark Index
51.     A Case Study on the Investment Pattern in Debt Scheme of Mutual Fund Investments
52.   Equity Analysis in Banking Sector Stocks.
53.   Equity Analysis in FMCG Sector Stocks.
54.   Equity Analysis in IT Sector Stocks.
55.   A project report on working of Stock Exchanges .
56.   Analytical Study of Online Trading Services
57.   Derivatives Market Analysis
58.   Portfolio Management in securities
59.   Portfolio Management in FMCG Industry
60.   Performance analysis of Mutual Funds
61.     A study of investment patterns and customer perception towards mutual funds
62.   A Case Study on the investment pattern in debt scheme of mutual fund investments
63.   A study on Investor Awareness towards Commodity Market in an Organization
64.   A study on customer perception towards mutual fund
65.   An Analysis on Equity Share Price Behavior
66.   An analysis of various investment avenues with special reference to mutual funds
67.   Comparative Study of Selected Mutual Funds with private Mutual Funds
68.   Study of variations in the price level of essential commodities and their effect on the public
69.   Trends in Mutual Funds – A case study
70.   Foreign Exchange risk management
71.     Foreign Exchanges
72.    Indian Stock Exchange systems challenges and prospects in the new millennium
73.   Mutual funds in India its impact on investors
74.    Online trading and Demat
75.   Trends in development of Indian mutual fund industry
76.   Analysis on the performance of different sector equities traded on Nifty Junior
77.    Online Trading, Clearing & Settlements
78.   Comparative Analysis of Mutual Funds with Equity Shares
79.   A project report on stock market technical analysis on selected stock
80.   A report on comparison on selected investment opportunities
81.     A project report on working of Electronic stock exchanges in India.
82.   An analysis Equity analysis of selected stocks by using of MACD,
83.   A Report on arbitrage opportunities in NSE and BSE.
84.   An analysis Risk and returns of selected mutual funds.
85.   A project report on systematic investment plan in selected mutual funds.
86.   A project report on investment in mutual funds investment strategies.
87.   A Report on forecasting of security price using Relative strength Index.
88.   A project report on comparison of SIP, STP and SWP in Mutual funds.
89.   An analysis on hedging strategies by using the index with single stocks.
90.   Project report on equity analysis on macro economic factors on selected security.
91.     A project report on find out hedging strategies by using beta value of security.
92.   Project report on impact microeconomic factors in selected securities.
93.   A report on correlation of Indian markets with dollar price.
94.   A project report on NIFTY hedging opportunities.
95.   A project report on   Indian indices returns.
96.   A project report on banking sectors stock by using of technical analysis.
97.   A report on comparison in debt products and equity products.
98.   An analysis of Risk and returns of Exchange traded funds.
99.   A project report on gold future prices correlation with gold ETF.
100.       Fundamental analysis of insurance sector
101.         Importance of insurance to consumers
102.       Investors decision making pattern for life insurance products
103.       Comparative Study Of Life Insurance Plans Of Leading Pvt Insurance Companies
104.       Organizational Study & Analysis Of Working Capital
105.       Working Capital Management
106.       Inventory Management
107.       Ratio analysis
108.       Leverage ratio on selected companies
109.       Cash flow statement and funds flow statemen

Other Titles

Project Titles Human Resource Management 1.           Role of HR Planning in Retention of Employees 2.         An Overview Of Hr...