Research Gap for security analysis

The following chapter in my project introduces the forecasting methods to analyze the security, covering several aspects of security analysis.  The following above author’s literature discusses entrepreneurial and investment management companies point of view they do not focus on the small investors. Wang Jiani,, and Manhong Liu( 2014),Securities analysts’ pricing forecast for IPOs is the important basis for investors to judge the value of IPOs. The above research related to new companies like which are open for IPO
My analysis chapter concludes by identifying the future price behavior for further investment process.

MBA Project titles On GST

GST is a new change in Indian tax system this topic is best suitable for,M.Com, MBA (Tax), and other students.With more than 138 countries now adopting the different  form of GST

Goods and Service Tax is an indirect tax charged  in India on the sale of goods and services. GST isappicable at every stage in the production and service process. President of India approved the Constitution Amendment Bill for Goods and Services Tax (GST) on 8 September 2016

Goods and services are classfied in 5 slab stuture
- 0%,
and 28%.

 Petroleum products and alcoholic drinks not included in the GST.

Small entrepreneurs feedback on GST. Profitability analysis of after GST and before GST. GST Impact of small scales industries. Impact of GST on Indian stock market.Comparative study on Indian tax structure VAT and GST. an analytical study on GST implementation in the manufacturing industry.a project report on awareness on filing GST Impact Of GST On Manufacturing Industryimpact of GST on…

synopsis Internet banking

1.1.Background of the Study
The Internet is an international computer network connecting people and organizations around the world. This technology has profoundly impacted society, culture, employment, communication and even the global economy. The Internet, together with e-commerce, is reshaping how businesses deliver value to customers. Online financial activity has increased steadily as more Internet-capable households use Internet banking. Internet banking can be defined as accessing and manipulating financial information via the Internet using personal computers and Web browsers. The adoption and usage of information technology is becoming an essential feature in today’s development, especially in the banking sector. The use of Internet banking allows customers to access their accounts, make necessary enquiries and undertake banking transactions. Due to the increased use of personal computers to access the Internet and World Wide Web, the Internet has provided an easy channel for a…

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